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Will crisis spark innovation? with Danalit Zamalloa

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[INTERVIEW] My guest today Danhalit Zamalloa has started businesses in extreme conditions: - Start a company on a dictatorship (checked) - Start a company while the country is on a protest (checked) - Start a company while on a global pandemic (Checked) She is a tech entrepreneur, and co-founder and CEO of Wibo, a mobile engagement platform. Dana is a Global Shaper, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, and was the former President of AIESEC in Venezuela. I met Danha 5 years ago when she was working in her first company PagoFlash which was a great example of how to start and grow a company during uncertain times. Dana tells her story of how she grew up in the era of Hugo Chavez and was part of the political protest movement. And how she started one company during the dictatorship in Venezuela and her second company during the protest movement in Chile. A great listen to prepare your business during uncertain times.

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